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The mother company of the Richco Group is Richard & Company, which was founded in 1973 by Mr. W. K. Richard, with the main aim of catering to the growing demand for office and home furniture in the capital city of Sri Lanka. Following his demise in 1975, the reins of the company were handed over to his wife Mrs. K. Wanniarachchi. Thereafter her three sons, including Mr. Lalindra Wanniarachchi, joined the company in 1985. In 1994, Mr. Lalindra Wanniarachchi formed the Richco Group which encompasses Richco Associates, Richco Manufacturing and Richco Trading.As Chairman, he has ensured that the Richco Group has grown into a successful business organisation with the main strength of the company being the supply of quality products that cater to specific customer needs. Therefore, in gaining the respect and loyalty of the customers, Richco has managed to accumulate a large customer base. Continuing to meet the customers’ demands at affordable prices, Richco soon became a strong competitor in the furniture market in Sri Lanka.